IT Services Centre (CUI) at Gdańsk University of Technology is a centre providing IT and communication services for other organisation units of GUT. Our main activities are:

  • designing and developing ICT services and information systems
  • implementing and maintaining ongoing services and systems (both software and hardware)
  • IT infrastructure administration
  • IT support for GUT users (in compliance with available services described on the website)
  • organising and conducting the necessary trainings
  • publishing user guides and backup materials

You will find user guides for most IT systems on website. Access to some of the guides may require logging in.

If there is a need, the technical support is available in one central point: GUT Helpdesk.

We kindly remind you that any problems, errors or change requests related to IT services should be reported to GUT Helpdesk. There are three ways to contact us:

Helpdesk is open at time specified on website.