eLearning is a service facilitating remote teaching methods (e-learning), accessible to students and teachers via friendly interface in the web browser window. The Moodle platform is a technical basis for the University eLearning.

To whom?

The service is available to Gdańsk Tech students and employees having an active account in Moja PG system.

There is also available set of knowledge which can be accessed by local Moodle account, not linked with Moja PG account.

How to get access?

  • You will find the main web portal for eLearning following pg.edu.pl/enauczanie link. Educational materials on Moodle platform can be found on enauczanie.pg.edu.pl website.
  • eLearning mobile application: information is available on the website pg.edu.pl/enauczanie/mobilne.
  • When the system asks students and academic teachers to log in, they should first choose the option Logging in via Moja PG account (on left side) and then type their login and password, the same as in Moja PG system.

Those who are in no way bound up with the University, but wish to browse open assets, should choose, when the system asks, the option Logging in via Moodle local account (on right side). After that, the user should follow the instructions on the screen.

Where to find user help?

You can contact the Helpdesk if needed. How to contact us see our page.