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IT Services Center Mission

Under Gdańsk Tech Rector’s Decree No. 6/2017, 23 May 2017 on organizational changes at Gdańsk Tech and Gdańsk Tech Organizational Regulations, the duties of the IT Services Center are:

  1. Providing University IT development programs adapted to its computerization programs;
  2. Implementation of modern technologies and tools for computerization of the University;
  3. Developing and updating the model of IT systems used at the University;
  4. Developing and updating the concepts of IT systems supporting processes at the University;
  5. Coordination of the requirements between modules / systems within the Politechnika Cyfrowa (Digital University) program;
  6. Designing, generating and maintenance of central information systems and information services;
  7. Designing integration standards and monitoring of the structural coherence of all the systems supporting the University's activities;
  8. Research and development, construction and sharing of know-how in modern technology;
  9. Identifying and acquisition of available IT solutions consistent with the adopted computerization program of the University and their implementation;
  10. Helpdesk team support  for the services and new deployments;
  11. Integrating implemented and operating systems into a comprehensive system supporting the management of the University;
  12. Providing access to central e-mail accounts and a unified user authorization service system;
  13. Acting as an IT System Administrator of the systems and applications used at the University;
  14. Acting as an administrator of the central University computer network and operational support of the University computer network resources;
  15. Technical equipment and system maintenance for central administration units;
  16. Implementation of common procurement contracts for standard IT hardware and software;
  17. Implementation and settlement of investment projects related to the construction and modernization of the university and faculty network as part of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education funding for the LAN;
  18. Reviewing projects related to the development and modernization of the computer network at the University and admission of newly created network segments;
  19. Collaboration with the Academic Computer Centre TASK on Internet access, computer network and KDM resources.