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Moja PG

Moja PG is a university portal available at It consists of many modules that provide electronic support for students, faculties, employees, administrative staff and associates of the University. Modules available:

  • Student – acts as a digital album, enables submitting selected applications for the dean's office, the current financial accounting, timetable and teachers, thesis support
  • Dean's Office – allows you to assign students to courses and subjects, edit and update students' names, support of students' applications, support for financial settlements, maintenance of theses
  • Teacher – supports the functionality of the evaluation of students' progress, maintenance of theses
  • Employee – provides the ability to view payslips, viewing and acceptance of regulations
  • Erasmus – is dedicated to support Gdańsk Tech students and staff and visitors from other universities in terms of Erasmus+
  • Science – supports record of scientific achievements of employees and records of research infrastructure (a list of laboratories, scientific equipment, research teams)
  • Projects – supports functionality records of projects within educational and research programs and structural funds
  • Trips – supports records and settlement of domestic and foreign delegations, as well as e.g. duty travels
  • Planner – allows you to view timetables for the university courses, review occupied classrooms and view the schedule of academic teachers
  • VoIP services – provides:
    • putting through to the technician on duty during on-call time in Gdańsk Tech units (hotline)
    • Virtual Fax service (sending via Moja PG, receiving via e-mail)
  • Doorplates – provides a panel to design doorplates and request to print them
  • Address Book – used to search for contact details of Gdańsk Tech employees
  • ODO Registries – an electronic record of authorization to process personal data
  • Meetings – support the organization of meetings, allowing an arrangement of the most convenient date
  • Room admin – keeps record of Gdańsk Tech properties and their holders, also supports the preparation of rental offers of  premises
  • Learning Programme – defines e.g. ECTS cards for courses and subjects of studies
  • Scholarship – provides a list of payments for social maintenance grants, disabled people, Rector scholarships and other scholarships for students
  • Manual enrollment – allows you to add new students manually (i.e. without the eRecruitment system) when you accept a candidate from another university, transfer a student from another Gdańsk Tech course or add an exchange student
  • Inventions and innovations – a register storing data related to inventions, utility models and industrial designs, trademarks, innovative solutions, exclusive rights and fees related to them, including a list of contracts signed by Gdańsk Tech and external institutions concerning the use of inventions
  • Employer – a register storing employers' business cards, which are displayed on the Careers website; registered employer can submit job offers, internships and traineeships for students - they are displayed in the Student module
  • Career office – stores graduation cards and manages communication with graduates - a module dedicated to the Career’s Office
  • Career – allows you to manage job offers at Gdańsk Tech website (dedicated to Personnel Department) and provides an administrative panel for the Career’s Office to manage employer's job listings and job offers
  • Agreements – a register of Gdańsk Tech partnership agreements with other universities, especially Erasmus+ program
  • Recruitment – electronic student enrollment system for courses, subjects and laboratories.

To whom?

The service is available to Gdańsk Tech students, employees and associates.

How to get access?

Students and staff access through self-activated account at If needed, other accounts are activated individually by Helpdesk - at the request of the head of the organizational unit.

Where to find user help?

Support in the form of user guides is available at help website.

You can also contact the Helpdesk if needed. How to contact us see our page.